The Ghana Education Service (GES) has issued a letter dated October 17, 2023, to all Regional Directors of Education regarding the issuance of promotion letters and upgrading for staff members in lower ranks.


The promotion and upgrading became effective on June 3, 2022. Staff members who have been promoted and upgraded have already been placed on the corresponding pay scale, and no salary arrears will be paid.


Furthermore, the letter instructs Regional Directors to conduct promotion interviews and work inspections for teaching and non-teaching staff members (lower ranks) who were promoted on or before 2018.


 The results of the promotion should be submitted to the Director-General by November 17, 2023, in both hard copy and electronically at



The letter provides a list of non-teaching grades/ranks that will be handled at the Metro Municipal/District Education Offices.


These categories include Catering, Administrative, Account, Internal Audit, Watchmen, Driver, Secretarial, Supply, Tradesmen, Library, Laboratory, Technical, Agricultural, General Labourer, House Mother, and Messenger classes.

Each category specifies the different ranks within it.