How to stop and end SIC-GES deductions.

Many teachers in Ghana find the notorious SIC-GES deductions on their payslips to be a major source of frustration. We will provide detailed instructions on how teachers can cancel and prevent these deductions from appearing on their payslips.

How can Teachers stop and halt SIC-GES deductions?

All teachers employed by the GES who wish to cancel or stop SIC-GES deductions must provide the following information.
1. Latest payslip.
2. The number of months deducted.
3. MTN Mobile Money number.
4. Momo name.
Once the details above are ready, WhatsApp the information to the Informed Teachers Network via WhatsApp number 0200837911.
When you chat with them, avoid unnecessary pleasantries and go straight to the point.

For instance, avoid sending greetings or calling.
Please do not send “Good morning” and wait for a response.
The innovative teachers and their lawyers will contact SIC to cease deductions and refund wrongfully deducted money from your account and a teacher.

Note that this is the third batch of teachers that the innovative teachers are working with, and they assure all teachers who send their details that they will succeed.

Hon. Jerry Akporhor, Founder and Lead Educator of the Informed Teachers Network, urged all teachers experiencing monthly salary deductions to reach out to their WhatsApp line for assistance.

NOTE: The third batch of the SIC-GGES insurance policy has been cancelled and refunded.