The latest initiative by the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), the NUGS Quiz, is aimed at junior high schools.

Following the conclusion of the first competition in Zone 1, Agona Presby JHS emerged as the victor.

The following schools are participating in the Zone 1 Quiz:
📌Agona Methodist JHS
📌Agona African Faith JHS
📌Agona SDA JHS
📌Agona Presby JHS
📌Agona Interbeton JHS
📌Agona Islamic JHS

The competition for the ultimate trophy has divided all 28 schools into 5 zones.


“The quest for the coveted trophy has divided the 28 schools into 5 zones.  NUGS’ blog post highlights the quiz’s aim to engage remote schools, offering them a unique chance to compete and garner recognition.

In their blog post, NUGS stated, “The inaugural NUGS Quiz celebrates our grassroots by organizing a competition among 28 basic schools, including those situated in remote areas.” The victorious school will be awarded a special golden trophy as a mark of honor.

“Which school among the 28 institutions competing in the inaugural NUGS quiz will claim the prestigious golden trophy? Stay tuned!” – the post exclaimed on its X page.”


The 28 schools competing are as follows…

  1. Wiamoase Methodist JHS
  2. Mpaebo APS JHS
  3. Wiamoase Saviour D/A JHS
  4. Wiamoase SDA JHS
  5. Ultimate Academy Technology Basic
  6. Wiamoase Presbyterian JHS
  7. Aamang D/A JHS
  8. Konya D/A JHS
  9. Asamang SDA JHS
  10. Agona African Faith JHS
  11. Agona Presby JHS
  12. Agona Interberton JHS
  13. Amoakohene D/A JHS
  14. Agona Methodist JHS
  15. Kona D/A 1 JHS
  16. Kona D/A  2 JHS
  17. Montosua D/A JHS
  18. Mountain High College & International School
  19. Yenso Project JHS
  20. Jamasi SDA JHS
  21. Jamasi Presbyterian JHS
  22. Jamasi Salvation Army JHS
  23. ST. Michael’s Roman JHS
  24. Tabre D/A Experimental JHS
  25. Dawu D/A JHS
  26. Jamasi Rashadiya Islamic JHS


This initiative provides a unique chance for schools in remote regions of Ghana to showcase their academic prowess, contrasting with the typical dominance of urban schools in national quizzes. Additionally, it offers invaluable learning experiences for the students involved.