Sonnie Badu has issued an apology to Dr. Kwaku Oteng.

Sonnie Badu has issued an apology to Dr. Kwaku Oteng.


Renowned Gospel musician and Leader of Rock Hill Church, Sonnie Badu, has publicly apologized to Dr. Kwaku Oteng, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Angel Group of Companies.

This apology comes after Sonnie Badu called out Dr. Kwaku Oteng for failing to fulfill his promise of support towards Sonnie Badu’s ‘Rhythms of Africa’ concert, which took place last Saturday at the Grand Arena.

Despite the concert’s overall success, Sonnie Badu expressed his disappointment during an interview with Accra-based Okay FM. He revealed that big brands, including Dr. Kwaku Oteng, had promised to support him but did not follow through.

Sonnie Badu stated that he made several attempts to reach out to Dr. Kwaku Oteng, but the CEO of Angel Group of Companies did not respond and did not sponsor the ‘Rhythms of Africa’ program as promised.

Following the backlash from netizens and media personalities, Sonnie Badu has now issued an unreserved apology to Dr. Kwaku Oteng, acknowledging any offense caused by his previous remarks.



Let me use my platform to apologize to Dr. Kweku Oteng for calling him out on Okay 101.7FM – for not sponsoring my concert, ‘Rhythms of Africa’

For those of you who don’t know: I remained loyal to him and honored him gracefully in Atlanta, Georgia

For my major concert in Atlanta, Dr. Oteng promised to support the project but came up short

For the recently-held concert in Ghana, I paid a courtesy call on him and once again, he pledged to support the project, only for him to disappoint me again – after placing so much trust in his words and hoping he would make amends for his earlier failed promise  After my visit to him, I excitingly posted on my social media platforms about his willingness to support the project

I must admit that, it was extremely frustrating that an impression was created that Dr. Oteng had supported the successful concert that took place at the Grand Arena over the weekend and I felt the need to clear the ai

Nonetheless, I apologize sincerely to Dr. Oteng for bringing this out in the public domain

I have learnt my lesson not to depend on man and indeed, when I turned back to God, he surprised me and made ‘Rhythms of Africa’, arguably one of the best events in Ghana thus far. 

God bless you, Sir! ” Sonnie Badu stated.

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