How to Buy Brand New Samsung Galaxy and Pay in Instalment.

Did you ever know that you can buy a Brand New Samsung Galaxy and Pay in Instalment?

Today, owning your dream phone does not require that you save over several months or pay hard cash.

The MTN Ghana and M-Kopa partnership allows you to buy one of their flashy Samsung Galaxy phones and only pay a small fraction of the cost. The rest of the cost is spread over 6 months for you.

You stand the chance of paying as low as GHS8.80 each month for the next six months while you use the phone

Again, you get 2 GB of data from MTN for buying one of the several Samsung Galaxy phones from M-Kopa.

The legal document needed to buy one of the phones is your Ghana Card. However, you can also use other valid IDs such as a Drivers’ License, or Passport.

There are two ways by which you can buy the phone.

a. You can visit any MTN office with your Ghana Card and about GHS300.00 and buy a new phone worth GHS1750.00. The prices of the phones range between GHS1750 and GHS4000.00. Buy the one that meets your pocket and consider the payment plan to make a decision.

b. Again, you can call or WhatsApp one of their sales agents on 0552507100. When you buy from a sales agent, he or she can meet you in your home or office and complete the transaction, then hand over the phone to you. However, you will have to pay for delivery and the cost depends on your location.

What are the Samsung Phones You Can Buy through this offer?
The available phones are Samsung A23, Samsung A13, Samsung A03, and Samsung A03 core.


What are the payment options and methods?


All repayments are made through your Momo. Customers can choose to repay on a daily basis, weekly, or monthly.

Out of all these three options, the monthly repayment is the most expensive because if you choose to pay on a monthly basis, you will make two months’ payment instantly. The same for weekly repayments.

The daily repayment is recommended because, on the day of payment, you only pay the initial amount plus one day. Then you can make daily repayments to keep the phone active. Note that the best way to pay for the phone is to always pay several days in advance if you choose the daily repayment plan.

Take Action Now!
Now that you know How to Buy Brand New Samsung Galaxy and Pay in Instalment, grab your phone and reach out to M-Kopa sales representative on 0552507100



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