Best 10 AI tools for education

1. – Generating Presentations and Content is an excellent AI tool for teachers as it allows them to easily and effectively engage their students during class or presentations. With, teachers can generate interactive presentations based on a document or other information.

They can ask their students questions and receive real-time feedback through their smartphones or other devices. This allows teachers to gauge their students’ understanding of a topic, identify areas where students may be struggling, and adjust their teaching accordingly.

2. Canva – Generating Content

Canva has an intuitive user interface that allows teachers to create custom designs with ease.

The tool offers a wide range of templates, graphics, and design tools that make it easy for teachers to create engaging and visually appealing presentations

3. ChatGPT – Generating lesson plans

ChatGPT can help teachers generate lesson plans by providing suggestions for activities, exercises, and topics to cover in class.

Teachers can input keywords related to the subject they’re teaching, and ChatGPT will generate a detailed lesson plan based on those keywords.

4. Yippity – Quiz

Yippity has the capability to transform any text or webpage into a quiz with ease. By utilizing the text entered, it automatically generates a set of questions and answers that can be copied and pasted into a flashcard app or quiz tool. Users can submit up to 10,000 characters of text from their notes, or simply paste the URL of a webpage.

Once submitted, Yippity generates a set of questions and answers that can be easily shared with others using the share button.

5. Gradescope – Grading

Gradescoop is an AI tool that enables students to assess each other while providing feedback, which saves time and energy. Gradescope enables you to effortlessly manage and evaluate all your assessments, whether they are conducted online or in a physical classroom.

By using it, you can streamline your grading process and gain a comprehensive understanding of your students’ progress.

6. Beautiful AI – Creating slides

In just a matter of minutes, you can produce visually appealing slides. The effective communication of ideas requires a meaningful and convenient approach that does not disrupt other tasks. employs intelligent techniques to make your work more efficient, allowing you to accomplish great things in less time.

With its extensive collection of AI-generated smart slides, you can craft striking and professional presentations effortlessly. This enables you to communicate ideas effectively while minimizing interruptions to your workflow. Want to learn more about AI presentation makers and learn more about which ones are the best to use for your presentation, read a comparison between 5 AI presentation tools

7. – Create Slides

Slides AI it offers a variety of presentation types to choose from, including general, educational, sales, and conference. This allows teachers to select the most suitable template for their needs and quickly create engaging presentations. The tool automates the slide creation process using AI-powered technology, saving teachers time and effort. Teachers can simply input their text, choose the total number of slides, and let do the heavy lifting of transforming the text into visually appealing slides.

It is user-friendly and does not require any technical expertise, making it easy for teachers to create professional presentations with just a few clicks.

8. Turnitin – Plagiarism Scanner

Turnitin is an advanced AI tool that helps teachers detect potential plagiarism in student work. By comparing student submissions to a vast database of academic sources and internet publications, Turnitin provides a similarity report.

It also detects emerging trends in misconduct to keep teachers informed of new methods of plagiarism.

Turnitin is trusted as the gold standard for plagiarism checking in academic research and publishing, ensuring accuracy and reliability for teachers.

9. PowerPoint Speaker Coach – Helps you with presenting

PowerPoint Speaker Coach is an AI tool that helps teachers prepare for presentations. The Speaker Coach feature is specifically designed to evaluate various aspects of a presentation, including pacing, pitch, use of filler words, and other common speaking habits.

It allows teachers to practice in private, and the feedback provided can help identify areas for improvement.

10. Copilot Education – Generate Lesson Plans

Copilot is an excellent AI tool for teachers as it can quickly generate handouts that cover everything a teacher and a student need to know about a specific topic, concept, or subject area.

The AI lesson planner at the core of Education Copilot is perfect for generating quality, structured lesson plans for any subject, lesson, or concept, making it an invaluable resource for teachers looking to save time and increase productivity.

Copilot is an excellent AI tool for teachers looking to increase their productivity and streamline their teaching process. Its versatile features and customizable options make it an essential resource for educators of all levels and subjects.

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