University of Ghana offers scholarships and free laptops to level 100 students – apply here

University of Ghana offers scholarships and free laptops to level 100 students  apply here


University of Ghana Student Financial Aid Office ( SFAO) is accepting applications from needy and disadvantaged Ghanaian students at the Main Campus and City Campus for UG 100 level.



How to apply is as follows.

Visit the UG website at

Click: Login; Then Financial Aid/News and Information/UG Scholarships.

Please read the required pages and complete the online application form along with the required documents.

Applicants must also print a copy of the online completed preview form along with all application documents and submit it to Student Financial Services by the application deadline.

Supporting documentation includes a copy of your certificate of admission, proof of registration, transcripts (WASSCE scores), letters of recommendation, copies of sibling certificates, any supporting documents and information you think will be helpful in your application.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is Thursday, February 22, 2024.


  • You can apply if you:
  • Level 100 student.
  • Are a regular student main / city campus
  • Are regular fee-paying main campus or city campus
  • You have the ability to demonstrate low household income and/or lack of funds to cover most or all of your education expenses.
  • Have the will to succeed (determination, perseverance and success in other areas of activity).
  • Obtained an aggregate of 20 or better at the WASSCE




The application process is described below.

You must visit the UG website. Homepage:

Click: Admissions/Financial Aid/News and Information/One Laptop per Student Program.

Read the One Laptop per Student Law ( and complete the online application and required documents.


Applicants must also print a copy of the completed online preview form and all application documents and submit them to the Office of Student Financial Services no later than the closing date.

NB. Supporting documents include copies of laptop signatures for eligibility, acceptance letter, registration certificate, documents (WASSCE scores/certificates), and letters of recommendation, birth certificates of siblings and other documents. I think this will help you with your application.



You can apply if you meet the following conditions

  • Ghanaian undergraduate students are at the 200-300 level in universities
  • Must be a Ghanaian graduate student enrolled in a research degree program (e.g. completed one year of Masters/PhD program)
  • Ability to prove that your household income is low, or you do not have enough money to purchase a laptop
  • I am a poor student with a competitive GPA

Application Deadline: February 8, 2024

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