Cecilia Marfo is in tears as she shares the heartbreaking news of her church’s membership dwindling from 400 members to only 40 people

The renowned gospel musician shared the distressing news of her church’s substantial membership decline, plummeting from 400 individuals to just 40.

She attributed this decline to negative publicity, allegedly originating from influential politicians and fellow gospel musicians. The situation deeply saddens her, and discussing it brings tears to her eyes, as she never expected those she supported to contribute to her downfall.

She firmly believes that everyone will be held accountable for their actions, and she awaits divine retribution upon her enemies.

The ‘Afunumu Ba’ singer revealed that she has received divine instructions to remain calm and trust in God to fight her battles.

With tears in her eyes, she emphasized that the number of people who have embraced Christianity through the power of her music surpasses the number of members in her church.