Starting an online business from home (Start working online)

Thinking of How to start an online business from home? If yes, then keep reading.
An online business is basically any business that operates on the internet using websites, social media, and other internet resources to reach out to potential customers and sell goods or services to clients.

Such a business may often not have a physical business office. Where the business already has a physical office and presence, it can also leverage the power of the internet, social media Search Engine Optimization, and broadly what is known as digital marketing.

Starting an online business in Ghana can be fun, frustrating, and slow, especially if you do not know how things work online and how to reach potential customers very fast and convert business leads into sales and profit.

This is why it is important that anyone seeking to enter into the online customer space must have some knowledge about social media, WhatsApp business, and other applications and tools. Businesses that you can start online in Ghana are varied and will depend on your interest and hobby. An online business built around your personal hobby and interest has a greater chance of succeeding, hence that should be the starting point.

Again, you can get some form of training and skills and then leverage these new skills to create a successful business online.

For instance, someone who wants to venture into website design or mobile app design can learn these skills and operate an online business that will help reach out to so many clients on social media and on website sites such as

Know that it is possible to start a business online using just your WhatsApp with between GHS200 and GHS500.00

How to start an online business from home… To start an online business in Ghana…

#Do your research.
You need to know more about how the business you want to start online works. Where to get your stocks and how to ship to and from your store. Know whether the product or service you offer is a fast-moving product or not and the estimated number of customers. For instance, those who want to sell ladies’ fashion products must find out about already existing online fashion businesses on let’s say Facebook and how they operate.

#Build social media pages way ahead of the start of the business.
From the above, set up your Facebook page or store or Business WhatsApp and make them look professional as you can. Do not spend too much on the business at this stage because it can be a very slippery venture.

#Decide on products or services you intend to provide.
Choose the products or services you want to offer and package them very well with graphics, pictures, designs, marketing text, etc.

#Identify your potential customers and where to find them.
Who are your customers, and which age groups or gender are you targeting? Know these customers and use them to set up your price. As a new business, be careful with pricing. Use break-even prices to bring customers on board, and do not charge or set prices as though you have the market and the goodwill. Cheat one customer and you are out.

#Think of cost-effective marketing at the start of the business.
Spend wisely on marketing. As a new online business, no one knows you, so learn to grow gradually and organically. Too much investment in advertising and worrying because sales will not start coming in all of a sudden. Leverage your WhatsApp messaging account that of friends and family, and other social media handles. Market on your status and be passionate about it. Ask friends and love ones to post your product or services on their status, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is a free advertisement for you.

#Plan how to deliver physical or digital goods.
How you intend to send goods bought to clients is key, just as packaging. Ensure that you plan this well and consider the cost of delivery as well if the product is a physical good.

#Plan how to receive payment for sales made.
Put in place how you intend to receive payment for goods sold or services rendered. You may consider cash on delivery, Mobile money payments, etc.

#Start a business and learn the ropes.
With all the above in place, get the business off the ground and handle it like an egg. Make mistakes and learn from them, read around the business, and if you have ideas that pop up in your mind, go to YouTube and watch videos related to what you want to do. Grow the business gradually and leverage IT in all these.

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