Odumase Krobo chieftaincy disputeOdumase Krobo chieftaincy dispute

The Eastern Region police are currently conducting an investigation into a tragic incident that occurred in Adome, a suburb of Odumase Krobo in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality.

According to reports, on Friday, October 25, 2013, armed individuals associated with a particular faction engaged in a chieftaincy dispute. During a procession in the community with a palanquin, the armed men began firing indiscriminately.

Tragically, Emmanuel Tetteh Narh, also known as Ozibo, was singled out and shot by one of the assailants. The incident resulted in the loss of Narh’s life and left eight others injured.

Eight others who were also at the scene were injured in the process and rushed to the hospital, where they are currently receiving treatment.

Police personnel who were informed about the unfortunate incident rushed to the scene to disperse the crowd and prevent reprisal attacks.
Credit to Adomonline

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