Two individuals, Dzam Abotsi, a car dealer, and Nana Kwame Yanka, a businessman, have appeared before an Accra Circuit Court on charges of defrauding an American citizen of $1,205,000. The accused individuals allegedly deceived the victim by promising to provide them with seven 20-footer containers filled with money.


Abotsi is accused of charging the complainant $100,500 and an additional $200,000 for container rent and security. The exact amount taken by other accomplices involved in the scheme remains unclear.

According to the prosecution, the victim, Bernsten, and his business partners in Brazil were informed about the presence of a large sum of United States Dollars stored in approximately 20 containers in Ghana. Subsequently, Bernsten traveled to Ghana to recover the money.


Upon his arrival, Bernsten met with Abotsi and was taken to a warehouse in Sowutuom, where he inspected the United States dollars concealed in approximately seven containers. A forensic examination confirmed the authenticity of the money.


The prosecution revealed that Bernsten paid Abotsi $100,500 and an additional $200,000 for container rent and security through cryptocurrency and wire transfers. Skynet Logistics was engaged to transport the seven containers to Tema, Community 12, based on Abotsi’s recommendation.


However, when Bernsten returned to the warehouse days later to move the containers to Tema Harbour, he discovered that the warehouse was empty. Subsequently, a report was filed with the police, leading to the arrest of Abotsi and Yanka.

The prosecution is currently working to apprehend Alhaji Tanko and other individuals involved in the fraud who are still at large.