Strategies for blocking intrusive loan text messages on your mobile phone.

Tired of receiving unsolicited loan text messages that you never requested? Well, here’s some good news! MTN Ghana offers a free service called “DO NOT DISTURB” that allows you to block such messages from any shortcode, phone number, or alphanumeric sender ID.

As an MTN client, you have the power to control who can contact you via SMS, and using this feature is straightforward. Additionally, similar services will soon be introduced by Vodafone, AirtelTigo, Glo, and other telecommunications companies.


Steps to Block SMS Messages from a Specific Phone Number:

1. Begin a new message and type the name or phone number of the sender, followed by a space.
2. Start the message with the word “BLOCK”.
3. Send the message to the short code 1309.
4. If the process is successful, you will receive a notification confirming the effective ban on the specified number or sender name.
5. Note that this method only blocks messages from the specific number mentioned.


Steps to Block an Individual or Organization from Sending You Texts:

1. In a new message, type the name of the sender you wish to block, placing a space after the word “BLOCK”.
2. Send the message to the short code 1309.
3. If the process is successful, you will receive a notification confirming that the sender’s name has been effectively banned.
4. Remember that this method only blocks communications from the selected sender’s name.


How to Stop All Loan Texts on Your Phone

  • Use the shortcode 1309 to send the message “Block E-loans.
  • A notification verifying that you have successfully blacklisted all loan text messages will be sent to you if you are successful.


How to Verify the Success of Blocking:

1. Send the word “Check” to the shortcode 1309 to access the list of blacklisted contacts.

Resolving Issues if Unable to Block SMS Messages:

1. Ensure that you enter the company’s name or phone number exactly as it appears in the title of the text message.
2. Utilize the “Advanced” options section of the SMS message to locate the precise phone number of the company.

Alternative Methods for Blocking Loan Messages:

1. Phone blocking settings: On most smartphones, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the message, then select “Spam” and “Block”.
2. Truecaller mobile app: Users can identify and block unknown callers by using the Truecaller app. Open the app and go to the spam tab to view messages from all telecom operators. To block a message, press and hold on it, then select the “Block” option.

By following these steps, you can effectively prevent annoying loan text messages on your phone, providing you with peace of mind.