Corporal Punishment

Vice Chancellor Calls for Reinstatement of Corporal Punishment in Schools


During the recent 63rd Speech and Prize-Giving Day celebration at Sunyani Senior High School, Prof. Kwadwo Adinkrah Appiah, the esteemed Vice Chancellor of Sunyani Technical University, expressed his concerns regarding the rising indiscipline among students in Ghanaian schools. Citing the ban on corporal punishment implemented by the Ghana Education Service, Prof. Adinkrah Appiah called for its reinstatement as a means to restore discipline and curb deviant behaviors.

Upholding Discipline as the Key

According to Prof. Adinkrah Appiah, the absence of corporal punishment has inadvertently contributed to the surge in indiscipline among students. This alarming trend manifests itself in various forms, such as smoking, alcoholism, armed robbery, and hooliganism. Prof. Adinkrah Appiah firmly believes that the present leniency within the education system has allowed students to act without facing any repercussions. Consequently, he appealed to the government and Ministry of Education to seriously consider reintroducing corporal punishment as a way to address this pressing issue.

 Community Support for Reinstatement

When interviewed within the Western North Region’s Sehwi Wiawso area, local residents echoed their support for Prof. Adinkrah Appiah’s call to bring back corporal punishment. They reminisced about how the use of corporal punishment served as a deterrent in the past, effectively dissuading students from violating school rules. According to the residents, the disciplinary actions taken by teachers instilled fear and encouraged students to prioritize their academic pursuits.

Impact on Present-Day Education

Concerned residents emphasized the negative consequences resulting from the absence of corporal punishment. They highlighted instances where students disregard their homework and class exercises, attributing this attitude to the lack of disciplinary measures in place. The caution against punishing students has inadvertently led to a lack of seriousness in the students’ approach to learning. With this in mind, the residents firmly believe that reintroducing corporal punishment would create a more conducive environment for effective teaching and learning.


Prof. Adinkrah Appiah’s advocacy for the reinstatement of corporal punishment in schools to combat indiscipline has garnered significant support from local residents who recognize its potential to restore discipline and foster a more conducive learning environment. By addressing the concerns surrounding student behavior, it is hoped that educational institutions can flourish once again, nurturing and equipping students with the necessary skills and values for their future endeavors.

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