NAGRAT Short Codes for Teachers: Easy Access to Services

NAGRAT Short Codes for Teachers: Easy Access to Services

For a quick and convenient way to connect with NAGRAT, here are the available short codes:

1. NAGRAT Data Bundle Short Code: Dial *227*2234# to access data bundles specifically designed for NAGRAT members.

2. Email Contact: Reach out to via email for any inquiries or assistance.

Additionally, if you are interested in purchasing NAGRAT MTN Data Bundle, you can use the provided link for the shortcode and procedure to apply.

Please note that NAGRAT does not offer mutual funds. However, if you are seeking NAGRAT loans or partial withdrawals, please visit the NAGRAT Fund Portal for the loan application process and online portal login.

These short codes and resources aim to provide teachers with easy access to NAGRAT services and support.

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