Multi tv frequency settings and installation

Multi TV is one of the most popular Satellite-based pay-TV services most predominant in Africa. Working on the principle of DTH (Direct-to-Home), Multi-TV is similar in all ways to the DStv. The satellite TV has over 200 channels. However, some are subscription paid channels, while few are free-to-air channels. Multi-TV also has great decoder models. They include both HD (High Definition) decoders and SD (Standard Definition) box receivers.


Why choose Multi TV?

  • No monthly bills: there is no subscription fee. All you need is to purchase a decoder one time and enjoy for the rest of your life.
  • You’re provided with quality content from recommended local and international TV stations. You don’t compromise on quality with MultiTV
  • Non-stop entertainment: get your telenovelas, sports, movies, cartoons all in one place without compromising on quality. Thanks to Multi TV channels
  • Active support: MultiTV gives support to its users promptly. Note that service charges may apply in certain circumstances.

How to get more channels on Multi TV decoder.

Frequency Polarization Symbol Rate
Multi TV 12525 Vertical 30000 Ghanaian. 23 TV and 13 Radio channels.
WAP TV 11595 Vertical 30000 Ghanaian. 26 TV and 2 Radio Channels. Mostly Christian channels.
SES 11635 Vertical 30000
SES 11675 Horizontal 30000
Play TV 12565 Horizontal 30000 Nigerian. Premium service. Includes 2 free-to-view channels.
One TV 12605 Vertical 30000 Ghanaian. Includes One HD channel.

After installing the dish, your next step will be to install the Multi TV decoder or the digital box.

Here is what to do:

Method 1

  • Press “Menu.
  • ” On installation, press “OK.”
  • Select “Manual Search” and press “OK.”
  • Edit the frequency by pressing the green button on the remote.
  • Choose “Modify” and press “OK.”
  • Enter the number 12522 and press “OK.”
  • Select “Polarization.”
  • Press the right button on the remote to change to vertical and press “OK.”
  • Select symbol rate “27000.”
  • Press the blue button on the remote to save and exit.
  • You start the search by moving the channel down the knob. Press “OK” to start scanning, then exit.


Method 2

  • Press “Menu.
  • ” Press the right volume button.
  • Enter the password as “0000.”
  • Select “Manual scan) and press “OK.”
  • Press the red button on the remote to select transponder “Astra 3a/3b.”
  • Press the green button to add the TB list.
  • Enter the frequency “12522.”
  • Go to symbol rate and enter “27000.”
  • Change the polarization to either v or h.
  • The bars change to green. Press “OK” to start scanning.
  • You can exit after the scan.

Multi TV – 12525 (frequency) – 30000 (Symbol Rate).

The above options will give you 23 TV and 13 radio stations.