Ministry of Education reacts to JoyNews’ ‘Empty Plates’ documentary


Ministry of Education reacts to JoyNews’ ‘Empty Plates’ documentary

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has debunked reports of food shortage in the various senior high schools (SHSs) nationwide.

The Ministry has said that students are being fed well and are satisfied with the quality and quantity of food they are given.


This is in reaction to an upcoming JoyNews’ upcoming documentary ‘Empty Plates’ which highlighted acute food shortage in SHSs

About 10 regions including the Northern, Ashanti and Oti regions were covered.

A press release signed by the PRO, Kwesi Kwarteng, explained they embarked on a monitoring exercise to gain a fair understanding of the issues raised so as to address them appropriately if found to be valid.

However, from their tour of the various SHSs, it is evident that no food shortage has been recorded.

“Schools visited and reports from other schools indicated the maintenance of an adequate stock of food in their storage facilities. There is prompt and up-to-date payment of funds allocated for the purchase of perishable food items to all schools.


“Feedback from heads of schools and students indicates overall satisfaction with the quality and quantity of food being served,” the statement read in parts.

Meanwhile, the Ministry says it is open to addressing any issue of food shortage in any school if brought to its attention.


It has further reassured parents, students, and the general public of its “unwavering commitment to providing adequate, high-quality, and timely food supplies to ensure an enhanced free and quality Senior High School program.”

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