To ensure that the point of your salary level on your payslip is correctly moved to the next point, follow these steps:

1. Check your payslip: Examine your payslip and verify if the point on your salary level matches the number of years you have been on your current rank or grade.

2. Salary restoration: If your point does not move upwards, you may remain on the same salary level for an extended period unless there are general salary increments. This is why it is crucial to address any discrepancies.

3. Contact IPPD or controller: Reach out to your Integrated Personnel and Payroll Database (IPPD) or controller for assistance and correction. They can provide guidance and resolve any issues related to the movement of your salary point.

4. Online payslip or eSPV: Alternatively, you can log into your online payslip account or use the eSPV (Electronic Salary Payment Voucher) system to report the problem and request a correction.

5. Beware of fraud: Be cautious when seeking assistance from third parties. Some individuals may charge a fee for correcting your salary point, but it is important to verify their credibility and ensure you are not being deceived or falling victim to fraud. Sharing your payslip details can expose you to potential risks, such as unauthorized loan applications.

Follow these steps to correct the point of your salary level, specifically using the Epayslip system, if you are a government worker under the Controller and Accountant General’s Department.



1. Login into your payslip account at www .
2. Click on Feedback/Tickets
3. Click on +New Ticket (blue tab) to open a Feedback, Suggestion, Or Complain Page or message in the new interface
4. Select a subject from the drop-down menu box labeled Select Subject
5. Under subject select Underpayment of Salaries or select Wrong Grade Step
6. Enter the details about your present point, the number of years you have been on that point, and mention the current point you are supposed to be on or to be moved to into a box that reads Enter comments, suggestions, or complains.
7. Make sure to include the following details: Your full name, staff ID, and the current point you want to be moved to.
8. After entering your complaint click on send ticket.

Note:  Reach out to your Integrated Personnel and Payroll Database (IPPD) or controller for assistance and correction if you do not receive any feedback within one month



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