Education under the tree is better than no education: Hon. Vincent Assafuah caused great controversy

Education under the tree is better than no education: Hon. Vincent Assafuah caused great controversy

The New Patriotic Party caused controversy. The claim that “studying under a tree is better than not going to school” has sparked debate among Ghanaians, highlighting the differences between education, government and healthcare. Initial reactions on social media reflected disbelief, disappointment and anger.

Many doubt the wisdom of Assafuah’s words about the need for adequate infrastructure, resources and a conducive environment for good education.

Statements such as “Use taxpayers’ money to build schools and provide them with the information they need” reflect the view that education should not affect academic performance.

Some critics believe these words are symbolic of the political strategy being implemented by the government. The New Patriotic Party makes people suffer and makes them grateful for everything they have been given.

This view shows a lack of confidence in the government’s will to address critical issues in the education sector.

Education Standards and International Commitments: Alhaji Adams Rahman’s response to international commitments such as the UN Education Charter and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

He emphasized that policymakers must align their views with international standards, especially in the 21st century when everyone should have access to resources and opportunities for quality education.

Some personal information about tasks such as learning between trees, rain and birds. Others explore cultural perspectives, questioning the assimilation of Western education and the neglect of indigenous languages ​​and cultures in education.

There is much criticism of politicians pursuing personal interests, such as millions of V8 cars, and gratitude to governments for tackling important issues such as housing, education and access to clean water.

Conflicts between political leaders and the daily struggles of ordinary citizens were recurring themes in the responses. Support for Assafuah’s  remarks: On the other hand, very few participants supported Assafuah’s  remarks.

Some people believe that because of current problems and restrictions, it is better for children to learn under the Christmas tree than to have no education at all.

However, this theory is still controversial. During this debate, Vincent Ekow Assafuah’s words were clearly aimed at Ghanaians.

Reactions on social media expressed deep concern about the state of education in the country and calls for accountability from political leaders. While the debate continues, governments and the public must engage in constructive dialogue to find solutions that can impact health education for the nation’s youth.

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