Clarification Regarding January 2024 Salary for Heads/Teachers who did not complete School Census on EMIS

Clarification Regarding January 2024 Salary for Heads/Teachers who did not complete School Census on EMIS


The following statement aims to provide clarification regarding the January 2024 salary for Heads/Teachers who were unable to complete the School Census on EMIS:

It has come to our attention that some Heads/Teachers have not completed the School Census on EMIS as required. We would like to clarify that failure to complete the School Census may have an impact on the January 2024 salary.

To ensure accurate data and timely processing of salaries, it is essential for all Heads/Teachers to fulfill their responsibility of completing the School Census on EMIS. This process is crucial for effective management and planning within the education system.

We strongly urge all Heads/Teachers who have not yet completed the School Census on EMIS to do so immediately. By fulfilling this requirement, you will help avoid any potential delays or issues with your January 2024 salary.

If you require any assistance or further clarification regarding the School Census on EMIS, please reach out to the relevant authorities or designated personnel within your educational institution.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter and thank you for your dedication to maintaining accurate records and ensuring the smooth operation of the education system.


Official Sources of GES Information:

Disregard any message circulated without a letterhead. Moreover, be cautious when receiving messages through unofficial channels, such as direct circulation without an official letterhead. Valid messages will typically come from the Head or Secretary on the school’s official page.

To stay informed, rely on official sources such as the Ghana Education Service Official Facebook Handles, the GES X  account (formerly Twitter), and letters from Heads and Directors with visible and recognized signatures.

Additionally, information shared by Heads of Schools on official school pages is considered reliable.

While registering on the EMIS Portal is essential, misinformation about the January 2024 salary should be disregarded.

Ensure that you follow the official communication channels and authenticate messages through the provided criteria. We appreciate your attention to this matter and encourage everyone to complete the necessary registrations to avoid any potential issues.

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