2023 School Placement: How to do the self placement

When the 2023 school placement is released by the GES, it is hoped that all candidates who qualify for placement will be automatically placed.

In the absence of the GES, it will permit unplaced students to use the self-placement module.

What is the Self- Placement Module of the School Placement System?

It is a subsystem of the CSSPS that allows candidates to choose schools because, although they qualified for placement, they were not placed in any of their choices.

What are the steps for checking your school placement?

To access the placement platform, candidate are to follow the steps below:

1. Obtain a placement pin code and serial number from an approved vendor.

2. After obtaining a pin code, log onto the site at www.cssps.gov.gh.

3. Enter the ten-digit index number and add 23 as the year you completed JHS. If your index number is, for example, 2045826407, you will have to key in all the index numbers followed by 23. An example is 204582640723.

4. Enter the pin code details (serial number and pin).

5. Click on submit and wait for placement to show up.

6. Print the form if you have been placed, and visit the school to begin the admissions process.

How to do self- placement in the CSSPS

If candidates are not matched with any of their choices from the automatic placement system, they will be redirected to the Self-Placement Portal.

From the portal, select a school by choosing the information.

1. Region

2. Residential preference (day or boarding): choose one.

3. Programme of choice

4. Click on Submit.

Print the form and visit the school to begin the admissions process.

Note: Schools selected on the Self-Placement Portal can be changed as many times as the candidate wishes on the portal until they enrol in a school